Photo On The Ground Ceramic Plate

Пол выложен плиткой

CUENCAThe stove is designed to serve long years and have a decent appearance. Therefore, consumers want to see not only a style design, but also a high quality. A suitable catalogue will allow you to find suitable surfaces as quickly as possible. And if you have any doubts, professional counselors of the salon magazine PLITKA STUPENI will be able to determine the final choice and answer all your questions. Don't waste your time buying from us!


1510 roubles/m2

1195 roubles/m2

630 roubles/m2

1150 roubles/m2


It's nice to walk on a good floor. They're happy to be in love, especially if they're based on a ceramic stove. It is marked by high performance and aesthetic quality.ФРЕГАТ The cough is practical and long. The ceramic stove is popular in many countries, including Russia. PLITCA STUPENI offers higher-level products in the domestic market. Ours. Sex ceramic requested in Moscow and elsewhere in the country. We provide customers with a good choice of products from the best European producers.

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