Ceramic Stove With His Hands

Ceramic furnace with its hands: technology, storage characteristics
Законченная облицовка печи

изразцыOnly a few ceramic material varieties meet the full requirements:

  1. Terror. Name speaks for itself. It's a high-profile material of red brown, brown color. He came to us from a long time: still ancient, Greek, Asian and Russian potions used it as a turtle and stove base, as well as a decoration element. Terracote is a high-density ceramic without an eye, manufactured from a certain class of compressed and then burned clay.
  2. Mayolica. In fact, it's an advanced version of theractotic covered with the eye. In the Middle Ages Europe and Russia, it produced dishes, decoratives and painters.Облицовка печи керамической плитки Practically always, it has a coloured basis and is covered by a luxury signature.
  3. Clinker stove. Clinker was created as an alternative to a fire brick. It has different varieties of clay, a small number of champots and mineral paints. As a result, very solid and heat resistant material is produced with a thickness of about 10 mm, with a low-density structure. Submitted by a wide gamma from white and dangerous shades to theractotic and dark chocolate.
  4. Keramograndit is a representative of modern street materials created at the end of the 20th century. It's a mixture of clay, quartz sand, bruises and marbles, salts of different metals.материал для облицовки плитки Received by press at high temperature. It is widely used in both the interior and the exterrier. One of the most significant advantages of this material is its ability to simulate all other varieties of separate materials on our list.
  5. Examples. This unique material comes from ancient Babylon. Represents himself ceramic frost material. There is a box form, which significantly improves its thermal saving characteristics.

подготовка поверхности печи как выровнять поверхность печи Облицовка печи керамической плитки Облицовка печи керамической плитки

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