Ceramic Tiles With Their Hands

Ceramic stove emplacement by hand: correct technology
Облицовка печи плиткой - 3D
какая плитка подойдет для облицовки печи фото

Ceramic furnace by hand: selection of materials

Each specialist knows that the correct choice of materials depends in a literal sense, all fundamentally collected materials provide both the ease of laying and the durability of the decoration surface, and its sustainability to any factor of exploitation. The liver in this respect is a rather sympathetic piece - temperature transgressions simply cannot affect the product. They're destroying it.облицовка плиткой печи своими руками фото This process is relatively slow, but it is still inexorably leading to bricks and furnaces to its perishable condition. I mean, to the ashes, as you've already understood, delaying this return can be a good material and a lack of respect for its technology. Technology will be left alone for now, and we'll deal with the materials first. The following materials will be needed to address the issue of how to lick the ceramic plate seal.

  1. It's a stunt mix.технология облицовки печи плиткой фото Not ordinary, that is, the one designed to build a furnace, its composition is designed so that the solution after depression can resist temperature and high heat.
  2. Stocket. Its mission is to bring all stoves together into one whole range. This is necessary in order to prevent the discontinuation of individual lining elements, it is the grid that makes each plug further retain its surrounding.
  3. Clay for the stove. It's just a special-purpose glue and nothing else.
облицовка печи терракотовой плиткой фото облицовка печи керамической плиткой своими руками фото
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