Ceramic Bathtub Perm

"stick empire." now ceramic stove
Керамическая плитка для ванной

The Mediterranean calm is at your house!
If you're thinking about updating the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway or the lodge, but you can't choose from a lot of offers, this ceramic stove collection is your task!
The name of the Mallorca collection comes from the name of the single island in Spain.
Mallorca from the Equipe factory is a background ceramic stove embedded in a simple form of square. External characteristics of the stove: Completed, 10x10cm, with non-residential edges.
The column is presented in five non-liver dives, the sixth colour is contrastable and saturated black.
Surface Ceramic plate filled and uneven, so when the lights are activated, there are faces that produce the effects of the depths of the colour and the volume of the space.
Mallorca offers a lot of experimental opportunities! Choose one color, and the stove will be the perfect environment and decor. Or combine different colors of the collection to create an infinite interior!
Quadre form and a small format provide an opportunity to lay a ceramic plug in traditional style, diagonal or displacement.

Collect Roma, production Azulev
Country: Spain

Hydraulic is a collection built by the influence of a style that was widely used in southern France in the mid-19th century. A great variety of matto stoves with vegetation and geometric ornament, will allow your poetry interface to be shaped.

Ceramica Sant'Agostino is an international enterprise with its strong roots and almost 50 years of history. Regardless of its mentality, the factory is aimed at the future while preserving its own entrepreneurial values and traditions.
The company has always focused on aesthetic and technological research aimed at ensuring the quality of its products. The ideal aesthetic content and high technical characteristics are the result of a consistent choice. This has allowed the company to leave its invisible mark in the international ceramic world.

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