Polish Tub Ceramic

Retro ceramic stove #ceramika_konskie retro
Керамическая плитка для ванной

Ceramic stove #Ceramika_Konskie Retro (Poland) is a bright collection for bath room interiors that embodies fashionistic improvisation. The name " Rothro " only eludes the backbones of long-standing years, which formed the basis of the proposed artistic image. The self-marking is in the traditional contrasting combinations of black and white. Black and white photographs were somewhat logical additions.

Producers #Ceramika_Konskie used one very interesting optical technique in the Retro stove collection: they placed a coloured image of old cars and scooter on the charcoal. It's quite fresh and unusual to look at, clinging to the great views of observers. Bro's sketches of the rhytht technology on the light cutting will provide an interior of originality and beauty. This ceramic will be particularly suited to bold people who wish to emphasize their individuality by showing creativity and creativity in different detail.

The Polish tube for the Ceramika Konskie Retro is supplemented by exemplary decorative bars, which focus on contradictoryness. It is she who underlines the original designer concept. If the bathroom area is not very large, one white tone should be confined to correctly spreading the penny on the most visible sections of the walls. At the same time, a retro-reflective painted car will be a yard of realized interior design, burying into the mid-twenty-first century atmosphere.

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