Ceramic Tube

Amsterdam ceramika konskie
Коллекция Rodillo

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Series: Amsterdam

Ceramic stove #Ceramika_Konskie Amsterdam (Poland) is a modern unusual design in the bathroom interface. It will be the perfect choice for those who appreciate the style of the house.

The engineers of the factory #Ceramika_Konskie proposed an elementary series of Amsterdam stoves in exhilarable, de facto shades of grey and graphite. This combination contributes to the smooth and organic flow of colours into each other, by removing and lighting the decorated areas. A special color would give a penny as a strain. His light, obstinate stance will make the space more thoughtful and detailed. An imaginary decoration composing is an amazing black and white city landscape of Amsterdam night.

Polish bathing suite #Ceramika_Konskie Amsterdam will make an amazing combination of fashionable, interesting designs with urban romantic features. This line is very " vaporized " in the stylists, where urban leitmogenes can often be found, such as loft or postmoderne. In them, the fluid of the chaoticity and chaoticity of the megapolis dynamics is combined with the quiet evenings and the shining of the nightly sophites. The artistic design of the cafeteria series will highlight the progressive, dynamic style in which simplicity, laconium shapes and exemplary accents are valued. And the dried gray tones will give the space a nice cooler.

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