Ceramic Stove On The Floor Of The Photo

On the floor of the stove with his hands - how professional laying is done
Пол из керамической плитки

Заливка стяжки полаThe ceramic stove, certainly, is one of the most popular surface-cleaning materials. She's solid, long, beautiful. The attractive appearance of the material is well complemented by a number of critical attributes: for example, sustainability to hysteria, ease of care, etc. But only the right, quality laying of the stove on the floor and the wall will help to cover all of its advantages fully, to demonstrate its inapplicability and reliability.

In this article we will tell you how to put it. On the floorLet's see all phases of the process, as they say, from A to I.

Phase one is the most responsible. Why? In order for the stove (yes, and any other coatings) to be looked perfect, it is necessary that the base be perfect and more accurately straightforward.

Instruction to level the floor under the plug:

Укладка керамической плитки1. All doors and windows shall be closed in the " processed " room, no crossroads during the bay of the mixture!

2. Watch the base temperature, it must not fall below five degrees Celsius.

3. All equalization work requires a surface of purity and dryness. Take care of it. In particular, spray or carefully mark the floors.

4. Paints, oils and other substances present on the floor must be removed in a mandatory manner, preventing full clutch of the mixture with the base. Over time, bulbs, cracks and other defects may occur in these places.

5. In order to obtain a qualitative basis, the floor height (water or laser) should be measured and " removed " by a stretch.

Необходимые инструменты

Side cream

6. Secure the floor with the thin layer, the bulbs and sweats formed should be levelled.

7. The preparation of the mixture is important. The detailed instruction on solvent breeding is available on the package, without neglecting its reading, as in practice experiments with the number of " intake " water are tending.

8. The solution shall be started immediately after its preparation. According to the specialist ' s recommendations, it is best to create a lane with a width of about half a m and a subsequent distribution of the mixture on the surface.

The bay process must be careful, but fast. Also consider manufacturers ' recommendations on the recommended thickness of the drawing.

9. Suffocating the floor in about 12 hours. To begin with the key process, the laying of the stove, could be two or three days later.

Проверка уровня плитки Плиткорез - незаменимый инструмент

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