Ceramic Stove Of The Living Room

Picking up the floor in the living room, which is better, practical and easier in the layout
Плитка в качестве напольного

Многообразный ассортиментWhat is the first thing to look at the guests who first visited the house? Right, floor and walls. Today, the types of surface coatings are a wide variety, as the market literally foams a variety of proposals: there can be a lenoleum and a ceramic plate and a wide range of parks and a laminate. They are not only colours but also areas of application, water resistance, strength, wear and tear. It is difficult for a private buyer to understand diversity, so the publication will provide practical guidance on the selection of the floor coatings for the guest.

Of course, the question of what kind of cover to choose is multidimensional. It therefore depends not only on personal desires: for example, the phrase " all, this colour has been liked, taken without thinking " erroneously, because there are many other factors that must be taken into account in the purchase:

  • Type of premises - kitchen, bathroom, living room, children ' s room: all premises have their own operating features to be addressed. For example, the carpet won't sleep in the bathroom, in the bedroom. ceramic stove It doesn't look good;

Presumptive material with excellent operating and decorative qualities is preferable to the construction of the central space in the apartment.

  • The condition, the form of the floor, if repairs are carried out in-house, should take account of their abilities, as well as the state of the gender base, considering which flooring you can correctly fit. And if this process is assigned to specialists, only professionals who have experience, skills should be hired;
  • The cost of the cover is not the last factor. If money is available, you can boldly put into practice the most bold fantasies, buying expensive materials and not buying a wage. Well, when repairs are done on their own, and the budget is limited, you need to think ten times whether to buy, for example, a costly stick. It has to be planted by some technology to serve for a long time. If there is no certainty in its power, there should be a preference for more simple surface coatings simulating other materials: you can buy an expensive linoleum with a simulated park, it looks good and the floor looks great.

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