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Italon (grossia) - stove, ceramogram, mosaic
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Production facility Italon plates started work in the mid-1990s. Found in Stupino, 80 miles from Moscow. The enterprise now occupies an area of 150,000 square metres, of which 57,000 square metres are covered by wings. Italon is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from the Italian leader of the Concorde ceramic industry, so italon ceramomites are of high quality. The company 's mission is to manufacture, in Russia and for the Russian market, suitable items. Italon has the price of the quality. The purpose of the company is to become the leading Russian producer of the ceramic granite. Italon's almost there. In 2010, several wall collections were published and on-board ceramic stove Italon. The most popular recent collections are in our store and on the website. More detailed infarmation about the factory, the stove collections, the ceramograndite can be found on the Italian manufacturer 's website.

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