Ceramic Price Plate Marking

Ceramic stove, price and result
Укладка плитки

укладка керамической плитки ценаIn a lot of good qualities, the ceramic stoves are being carried out with its right fitting. It is on this basis that it will be the result of a long period of preparation and of a café directly. Whether it's a perfect room, whether ordinary, unmarked walls and floors. If a cafeteria is used in the detachment, the final stage of the work is the ceramic stove, the price of such work is high enough as the final result of long-term efforts.

Work tool

In order to obtain a good result on the surface of the cafeteria, a qualitative tool should be used. ceramic tiles♪ Part of it can be seen in the picture below.

как правильно класть керамическую плитку

From a tool that is not shown in the photo, it is worth mentioning an ambush of a kind of mixer, for example.

This stack is worth a special mention because the ceramic stove is to be filled with quality adhesive composition, and it is almost impossible to make it out of dried dry mixtures without using such a board.

The rest of the tool is worth mentioning, except the dental braces. The designation of another tool is understood without further explanation:

  • plug for stove cut;
  • A smooth whipter for gluing and gluing;
  • rubber stamps for the washing;
  • Level to control the stove.

Here, the dental bra is a very specific instrument and is designed to create mites on the surface of the glue as shown in the photo below.

These boreholes are one of the mandatory requirements of how the ceramic stove is correct. They are designed to create an even layer of glue on the stove.

Its layer is defined by the thickness of the stove than it is more and more, the greater the layer of glue.

The harder it is, the bigger it has to be the dentals that create such sorcerers. It is therefore used with different sizes of the ridge under different café thickness.

кладка керамической плитки инструмент для укладки керамической плитки стоимость укладки керамической плитки способ укладки керамической плитки

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