Ceramic Plate Marking

Ceramic plate kitchen
Облицовка плиткой

In this case, A large-formed stove, 18x24 cm. The smaller pieces used in the thorns of the table and on the wall were cut out.

  • The bases of the table are made from the CPD, on it, and we'll put a stick on it. We're also putting the stove on a sidewalk from the CPD, replacing the kitchen fair.
  • We'll cut the hole for the washing in the table. The theft is processed by a convoy that prevents moisture penetration.
  • The surface of the MTSP is covered with dirt.
  • The tile glue with the dental spaper is loaded on the table and the bortic surface. The parts of the wall bordering on a sidewalk shall be temporarily closed with painted scotch.
  • The stove without glue is attached to the base covered by the adhesive composition and secured by a slightly clutching hand.
  • First, we put the strap out. Then we begin to separate the upper part of the table. We're starting from the center. The edge, adjacent to the wall, is closed by a cut from the main plate.

A particular difficulty at this stage of the separation may result in the figure of the cloth cut.

Figar Ceramic tiles

  • Flomaster on the stove draws a line along which we will bite. To avoid ruining the upper layer of emali, the surface of the stove is glued with paint scotch.
  • To bite the stove with small pieces, gradually moving towards the line. We're trying to set clips parallel to her. In order to control the cutting, we have a bite so that only a part of the whole surface of the clamps is in contact with the mark. Otherwise, the pieces of the stove are larger than the necessary, and cracks are formed around the location where the instrument clamps are located.

Don't try to make the right cut with one broken piece. Cut gradually, moving from the edge to the centre.

  • Even with all the precautions, the toothbrush tooths often leave a rather rough edge. We'll use a boiler or a screaming paper to level it.

Shoe washing

After that., as all the necessary surfaces have been covered by the stove, we'll start washing the stitches.

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