Repair Of The Bathroom Of The Ceramic Plate

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A great option for repair is the use of coal plumbing that will save the central part of the space.
Coal baths, shower cabins, furniture, toilets and sinks will fit well into any interior. The bathroom furniture, which is custom-made for the specific interior of the bathroom, will help hide all communications (cuts, wires, etc.)

At present, for the small size of bathroom spaces, two-to-one compact plumbers are very popular.

Instead of bathing, it's better to use shower cabs or showers with transparent glass that don't close space.

What if the bath is the top priority, but the bathroom space is very small?

In this case, mini tubs that have sufficient depth at their small size will be fine. Such a bath can also be used as a deep shower pan. To protect the room from the spray of water, you can use a curne for a bathtub.

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