Colour Of Ceramic Bathing Plate

The bathroom: what color?
Как правильно подобрать цвет

The bathroom is the place where your day begins. She's building this day, she's helping to relax tonight. Therefore, despite the fact that this is not the largest house, it is functionally one of the most important.

In order for the bathroom to work for you, it is necessary to correctly calibrate its colouring. The color of the bathtub solves almost everything: it gives at least 70 per cent of the impressions from the room, while the accessories are secondary. Ceramic stoves are used most often to separate the bathroom. So the question of color in the bathtub is the question of color and gleaning. ceramic stove♪ It is always necessary to take into account the fact that the majority of bathrooms still have very small space, large bathrooms are rare. Therefore, the chosen colour, including, must necessarily increase the space.

There is a widely accepted view that for the bathroom, especially if it is small, the best color is white. It's a misconception. White color, when it looks a lot, boring, not to mention emerging associations with a health facility, but the chair is published, and it's hard for the eye. With regard to the effect, the white colour itself is very small in space, it increases the lighting. White is better to combine with other flowers.

It is not recommended that very dark, dark colours be used in the bathroom. The black bathroom can look stylish in the picture in the magazine, and in life, it'll be oppressive. And space will be reduced visually at least twice.

The basic colours of the bathrooms are: Blue, salad, gentle, green, blue, green, ivory, pearl, light yellow, lemon yellow, pale pink, peach, terracotic, sandy, gentle, lavender, lavender. The main color is the one that's the most important.

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