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How to remove the stove from the wall of the cafeteria, the material is long, but
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How to remove the stove from the wall

Cafel's a long-distance material, but he also learns or just gets tired over time. And then the question is, how do we remove the stove from the wall?

There are two options for removing the ceramic sewer. The first is when you need to completely clear the surface of the old surface. And the second is the fragmented removal of the coating without damage to neighbouring areas.

How to clear the wall with a perforator

Before starting to separate the stove from the wall, a work space should be prepared. Paul's getting fries and cage so he doesn't hurt his coating and facilitate his garbage disposal. The toilet and the bath must be covered with something soft, like an old blanket.

Make sure you take care of your own safety. The sharp pieces of the café can easily get in the eye and leave you out of sight. I don't want to hurt my hand, or my leg, if there's a collapse of the plastic material. If you don't suffocate from the dust, get a respirator, or use improvised bandages, dripped water.

Necessary tools:

1. Perforator with peak, or tooth and hammer.
2. Protective means: glasses, gloves, shoe, mask or respiratory.
3. The sprayer or sponge and scrubbing to clean the stitches from the washing.

The fastest way to get rid of the old café is to remove it by using a prefector with a special attack. It is resorted to where there is no task, to preserve the separate material. If the stove's too old and too lame or stacked on the cement, it's not worth a waste of time trying to keep it. In both cases, only a small part of the material that does not waste your time is obliterated.

They're starting to take off the top. If you start with the lower rows, the stove could crash a whole plastic on your feet.

In cases where the cafeteria is too tight, the stitches shall be cleaned. To this end, the laundry and the special scrubbing clear the space between the tiles. If the cement is on the cement, it can be fixed to enter the wall. In such cases, it is advisable to break the hammer of unsubstantial material in order to create cracks. Then it goes faster.

How do you keep the cafeteria safe?

The perforator is more or less clear. But how do we remove the stove from the wall to keep the material in its entirety if possible? There is a need for patience and for inevitable losses.

It's just not real to keep the whole stove. You can try to save most of the café, but it's gonna have to be a little tidy and cautious to take off the stove using only the hammer and the tooth. You can use a limb or a screwdriver instead. However, the greater your tool is, the less probable the stove is.

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